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Guangdong ZhongQing Sugar Group Co., Ltd. adheres to the development concept of "brand achieves Future", actively explores in the field of refined sugar, and creates two brands of "good one" and "South Word" for domestic and foreign markets.
??? "South word" brand was registered in 1965. It designs products and packaging according to different countries and regions’ eating habits and customs, sells its products in overseas markets for more than 25 years, and enjoys a high reputation and market share in the target market.

At present, the bulk candy sold in farmers market, supermarkets, shopping malls is easily contaminated, and poses a threat to food security, so clean and healthy packaged sugar will become a large trend. In order to promote consumer environment and guide the healthy sugar consumption standards, we created "Good One" brand series of small packaged sugar. "Good One" brand positioned as a high-end product, is the only product recommended as the "Sugar Expert" by China Sugar Association.

"South Word" and "Good One" are produced by our own factory. We control all aspects of product quality from the procurement, processing, packaging and transportation, and dedicate safe, healthy, nutritious, high-quality products to consumers. We have erected a good brand image in the minds of consumers.


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